Prevent Colon Cancer With Natural Remedies

Prevent Colon Cancer With Natural Remedies

An increasing number of Americans are diagnosed with colon cancer. The colon makes up the first six feet of the large intestine. This area is responsible for extracting nutrients from food and stores the waste until it leaves our body. People over 50 naturally develop polyps on the inner walls of the colon. However there are natural remedies available to help prevent cancer from developing.


1. Eat more fiber and raw vegetables. Fiber and raw vegetables carry disease out of your colon. Some experts claim as many as ten servings a day is effective. Focus on root vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, turnips, yams, as well as others like avocados and beans.

2. Eat more high fiber fruits and vegetables between nine in the morning and noon when your body is in it’s normal elimination period. Avocados, papaya and guava, canteloupe and kiwi are used to flush the body everyday of disease ridden matter. This also greatly decreases constipation, a warning sign of colon cancer. Using this step by itself may be enough to prevent colon polyps from forming.

3. Cleanse your colon once a year with an easy three day liquid fast. Use fresh juices you make yourself to instigate the decomposition of damaged tissue and deposits in the colon.

4. Investigate different kinds of cleanse techniques such as aloe vera juice fasts and cider fasts to find one that you works best. Consult your physician before making any drastic changes to your diet such as a fasting.