Prepare For A Nose Job

Prepare for a Nose Job

In a nose job, the shape and dimensions of the nose are altered to improve overall appearance. The best candidates for a nose job are those who are in good health both physically and emotionally and who have realistic expectations about what a nose job can accomplish.


Prepare for a Nose Job

1. Discuss the improvements you’d like to see realized with your surgeon. Bring pictures showing noses you admire.

2. Ask your doctor for a list of over-the-counter medicines to avoid. It’s generally recommended that patients not take medicines like aspirin and anti-inflammatory medications prior to a nose job.

3. Stock up on homeopathic medicines. These can be useful for swelling and bruising, but be sure to discuss them with your doctor beforehand. Purchase homeopathic medicines at (see Resources below).

4. Prepare by buying a pill case and a time chart. These can be useful in helping you to remember when to take your medications.

5. Buy the items you’ll need to promote wellness and healing during your recovery. These include a thermometer, antibacterial soap, dressings and gauze.

6. Purchase lots of snack items to munch on as you recover. Buy flexible straws so you’ll be able to drink with no fuss.

7. Plan to wear loose clothing on the day of your surgery. Choose a button-down shirt or blouse that will be easy to take off prior to surgery and don once surgery is completed.

8. Get help. Prepare to have someone drive you to and from on the day of your surgery. Also, plan to have a friend or family member come by to assist you in the days immediately following your procedure.

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