Osteopath Salaries

Bone Structure

In addition to traditional medicine, osteopaths study the role of the muscular skeleton in human health. Many doctors who study osteopathic medicine go into different specialties after medical school, focusing on different aspects of this discipline including working as a psychiatrist, hospitalist, pediatrician or others. These different specialties determine average salaries for osteopaths which range from about $100,000 to $225,000. Other factors can also influence the income of an osteopath including her years of experience, geographic location and gender.

General Practitioner

An osteopath who practices this discipline as a general practitioner makes $148,671 a year.


Working as a specialist, however, a doctor working in osteopathic medicine can make a significantly varied salary. One who works as a doctor of internal medicine makes on average $130,000 a year. Working as a family physician, he would make $137,758 on average annually. A doctor who studied osteopathic medicine and practices as a hospitalist makes $176,951 yearly. Working as a pediatric, however he makes $102,409 on average annually. Specializing in psychiatry would cause him to make an average annual salary of $152,105. Practicing as an obstetrician is the highest paying specialty in osteopathic medicine. Yearly, this person makes $226,087 on average.


Bonuses vary greatly based upon specialty but can range from an average of $5,000 per year (for a family physician) to $29,479 (for a psychiatrist). Additionally most doctors of osteopathic medicine receive malpractice insurance from their employer and some days of paid vacation. About 60 percent receive 401(k) benefits from their employer. A quarter have the additional benefit of a paid cell phone.


As a doctor of osteopathic medicine gains more experience her salary will gradually increase. In fact, those who have worked for ten years in the field typically make about $23,000 more per yer than those who have just been working in the field for a year.

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Geographic Location

The average yearly salary can vary greatly based upon the state in which a doctor of osteopathic medicine practices. In Arizona, median income is $179,010. In Florida a typical doctor of osteopathic medicine brings in $152,605. For these doctors in Ohio the average annual income is $134,584, whereas it is $140,000 for those working in California and $130,072 in New Jersey.


Males working in this field make on average $14,776 more per year than females. This equates to about $25 more per hour.