Nonpharmacuetical Remedies For Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is a sensation of queasiness that results from riding in all forms of transportation, rides, and even watching simulated movement. It is caused by a disturbance to the inner ear, which controls equilibrium and balance. Uneven motion disrupts blood flow to the ear, which sends jumbled signals to the brain. Motion sickness is not psychosomatic but there is a strong mental component to it. Past experiences train the brain to expect this queasy feeling. There are many natural ways to treat and prevent motion sickness, which can then prevent future episodes.

Herbal Treatments

Herbs and pharmaceutical drugs are assigned suggested doses based on one of their most important pharmacological properties, therapeutic range. Therapeutic range is the smallest dose that provides any beneficial effect to the largest dose safe for use. Herbs are generally non-toxic and severe side effects or overdose is highly unlikely. However, be sure to follow suggested doses because higher doses are not likely to provide additional benefit and can potentially cause negative side effects. The doses below are for adults. Children under 6 should be given one quarter of the amount and children between the ages of six and 12 should be given half.

Black horehound relieves nausea. Take as directed on the label. Fennel tea relieves lingering nausea. Drink as often as desired. Ginger is very effective for relieving symptoms of motion sickness. Drink in tea form as often as desired or use an extract as directed on the label. Use of peppermint in a similar fashion as ginger to relieve nausea, upset stomach and gas.

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Other Suggestions

If symptoms of motion sickness are not too severe, place some sort of weight in your lap. This keeps blood from draining from your head and provides the inner ear with needed circulation. Drink plenty of fluids before and during the trip. Avoid eating greasy or salty foods and alcohol. Bulky, slowly digested carbohydrates are best. Keep your eyes straight ahead and avoid reading while in motion.