Naturist Kennel Cough Treatment

Kennel cough, or bordetella bronchiseptica, is a virus that is typically contracted when a pet is boarded at a kennel where an infected pet is or has recently been housed. The airborne virus comes from an infected animal sneezing or coughing and also can come from direct contact. There are naturist kennel cough treatment options to help fight the virus and its symptoms.


A dry, hacking cough, sneezes or gagging responses are often present in the beginning, and the virus symptoms progressively get worse with fever, nasal discharge and coughing up mucus. The illness can turn into pneumonia or other serious ailments.


In milder cases, the kennel cough will go away on its own in a week or two. Sometimes it gets worse at night and when lying down, because breathing can be harder. There are some animals that have it hang on for several weeks, and that is common in households or kennels where there may be several infected dogs passing it back and forth. You have to consider that it is a “dog cold,” so it has to run its course, with symptom relief.

Antibiotics and Vaccinations

If you take your animal to the veterinarian, chances are that they will give it a vaccination and a prescription of antibiotics. This will likely cure the virus, but it can weaken the animal’s immune system and make it more susceptible to other illnesses. A naturist kennel cough treatment is recommended, and feeding natural antioxidants can help build the immune system if the dog receives antibiotics or vaccinations.

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Homeopathic Remedies

Drosera, which is derived from a carnivorous plant also known as a sundew, can be given in the beginning stages. Dulcamara, an extract of a woody climbing plant, can be given in the intermediate stages. Coccus, derived from a citrus pest, works best for a serious cough that is producing mucus. These are naturist kennel cough treatments used by veterinarians who practice holistic and homeopathic medicine.

Hydrogen Peroxide

You can use food-grade hydrogen peroxide and honey to treat a dog’s kennel cough by sterilizing the water bowl and applying three drops of 3 percent peroxide with 2 teaspoons of honey for each 8 ounces of water. You may want to substitute molasses if you have it on hand. Not only does it help the cough, but is mainly used to cover the hydrogen peroxide because some dogs may smell it and not drink the water. You can also try the hydrogen peroxide by adding 3 drops to 8 tablespoons of milk to get the same effect. You can make a smaller glass to brush the dog’s teeth with to help speed the process.