Natural Wart Removal Remedy

Warts are elevated skin protrusions that happen due to viral infections. Warts can occur on any body part, including the face, neck, limbs or even genitals, but are generally not harmful for health. However, they do look unseemly, and wart removal is a common procedure. While there are many medical and surgical procedures and drugs, there are quite a few effective natural wart removal remedies as well.

Potatoes and Bananas

Two of the best home remedies for wart removal involve potatoes and bananas. Cut a potato and apply the fresh juice on the wart. Keep it on for about a quarter of an hour, twice a day, every day. Within a few weeks, your wart will disappear. For the banana remedy, cut the fruit peel into a piece large enough to cover your wart area and tape it to the region with duct tape. Leave it on until the peel browns and becomes soggy. Clean the area well. Repeat this process once a week for a few weeks until the wart gradually softens and disappears.

Toothpaste and Dandelions

Apply some toothpaste–any brand–on the wart and cover it with an adhesive band. Leave it on overnight. Do this for a whole week or longer until the wart disappears. You could also take a dandelion plant and squeeze the white fluid from its stem. Apply this on your wart after having filed it with a nail file. Do not wash for a couple of hours. Do this routine for a few weeks until the wart is removed.

Vinegar and Ash

Take some apple cider vinegar and soak some cotton wool or cotton cloth in it. Massage gently on the wart area and, while it is wet, cover it with some medical gauze and duct tape. Leave overnight and wash away in the morning. The wart will most likely disappear after you follow this routine regularly for a few weeks. Another remedy is to apply cigarette ash directly on the wart and keep it there for an hour every day for a fortnight or longer until the wart disappears.

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Garlic and Aloe Vera

Take two cloves of garlic, mash them and apply on the wart two to three times every day for about a month or longer. It helps if you keep the garlic in place with an adhesive band or duct tape and leave it on overnight as well. Aloe vera is another potent ingredient for natural wart removal. The gel from the leaves of the plant can be applied directly on the wart, two to three times daily for a few weeks, until the wart goes away for good.