Natural Treatment For Arthritis In The Neck

Natural Treatment for Arthritis in the Neck

Natural treatment for arthritis in the neck should always be discussed with your health-care provider. Despite medical treatment, many arthritis sufferers experience unrelieved pain, leading to use of natural treatments with no proven scientific claims. Arthritis in the neck can cause symptoms that go beyond just pain. Loss of balance, headache and stiffness on awakening are associated with arthritis of the neck, making natural treatments for arthritis appealing. Neck arthritis is also called cervical spondylosis.

Wear a Neck Brace

Neck braces are not encouraged long term for natural treatment of arthritis of the neck. A neck brace, fitted by a professional, can provide short-term relief. Wearing a brace can weaken the neck muscles. When arthritis neck pain flares up, wear a neck brace for no more than one week to help with treatment of neck arthritis.

Stress Relief

Practice stress relief. Meditation, gentle yoga exercises and counseling can be beneficial treatments to relieve neck pain associated with arthritis.

Physical Therapy

Exercises that increase range of motion and flexibility can reduce pain and stiffness from arthritis of the neck. Exercise is one of the most beneficial natural treatments for arthritis. Immobility leads to more pain and stiffness. Your physician will guide the physical therapist by ordering other treatments available for treating neck arthritis, such as ultrasound or electrical stimulation.

Use a Neck Pillow

Consider buying a special neck pillow designed for arthritis sufferers. Pillows can ease neck arthritis by helping alleviate muscle spasms and providing gentle traction during sleep, rest and travel.

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Self Massage

Consider buying a massager for home use. Infrared massagers deliver heat to the tissues, helping with arthritis of the neck.

Focus on Good Posture

Poor posture can make neck pain from arthritis worse. Practice good posture at all times. Years of poor posture can weaken the muscles of the spine and neck. It may be important to engage in active exercises to improve posture.

Other Natural Treatments for Neck Arthritis

Apply a rub made from capsaicin to the neck. Capsaicin is made from chili peppers and is a natural remedy that can reduce arthritis neck pain when applied topically. Relief may not be instant, but over time, capsaicin can reduce inflammation of arthritis. Commercial preparations are available from a variety of vendors, including most pharmacies.

Tart cherries can naturally reduce inflammation from neck arthritis. Cherries also have other health benefits associated with reducing inflammation. Cherry juice is also available in concentrate. The anti-inflammatory effect of cherries is shown to be an effective natural treatment for neck arthritis and other types of inflammatory arthritic conditions such as gout.