Natural Teething Remedies

Teething can be a frustrating process for both babies and parents, but there are a few natural, safe and easy ways to assist infants in getting comfortable while they adjust. Looking around your home and learning a few tips will provide you with new, natural ideas to remedy the discomfort and effects of teething.

Around the House

Wood is a great natural substance that is safe and natural for teething children. Almost every kitchen has a nice smooth wooden spoon, but in case yours doesn’t, you can pick one up at the dollar store or nearly any grocery aisle. Not only is it inexpensive, but it’s practical. Just be sure that there is no finish on the wood and that the spoon is unbroken and washed.

Take frozen veggies or fruits and tie them inside a handkerchief or cheesecloth. It might help to blend these first. Almost any ingredients are suitable. Secure the handkerchief closed with a cord or ribbon, which should be trimmed and tied well to avoid strangulation hazards. The temperature and density of the food will help ease pain.

If you are ever in a jam and need to comfort your teething child, your can always use one of your fingers. Just be sure to train your child away from this habit as his or her teeth begin to come in.

Freeze water, breast milk or diluted chamomile tea in an ice cube tray and use it as a teething aide. For easier-to-process recipes, try making a “slushy” from these substances for your child to drink.

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Wet a washcloth and freeze it to supply your baby with a nice cold teether. You can cut these into strips and tie into rings for whatever suits your child‘s habits. You can also use chamomile tea instead of water for more soothing effects.

Natural Products

Many natural food stores and pharmacies contain homeopathic, natural remedies for children exhibiting teething symptoms. Camilia is a great ingredient to check for on the labels, and some solutions are even vegan.

Clove oil can also be diluted in almond or olive oil to ease the swelling and pain of gums, but it should be blended with caution. Always test your mixture on yourself before giving it to your child.