Natural Remedy For Dog Coughing

Natural remedies can help your dog’s cough.

When your dog starts coughing, it can have many causes and be a symptom of a larger problem. Natural remedies can treat the cough and its underlying causes to help your dog get back to health. Seek professional help before treating the cough yourself, and observe your dog for changes in appetite or temperament, vomiting and diarrhea.


Coughing can have many causes.

Causes of cough can include viruses, kennel cough, heart problems, allergens and ground and environmental pollutions, say veterinarian Paul McCutcheon and homeopathic doctor Anthony Rodrigo. Different dogs need different remedies. Therefore, it is important to get a professional diagnosis before attempting treatment.

Natural Remedies

At home remedies, such as honey and peppermint tea, can soothe a cough.

Homeopathic doctors will prescribe remedies according to the dog’s symptoms and type of cough. Rodrigo says some well-known cough remedies include antimonium, bella donna, bryonia, drosera, rumex and pulsatilla. Acupuncture is also effective for treating coughs. Honey, peppermint tea and a humidifier provide comfort at home. Vitamins C and E and Co. Enzyme Q10 also support the dog’s health and immune system.


Your health care professional can help you choose a course of treatment.

Although prescription drugs are a necessary part of the health care picture, the benefit of natural remedies is that they provide healing without the side effects and potential dangers of prescription drugs. Prescription drugs impact the liver and other organs and have the same side effects for dogs as they do for humans, says Rodrigo.

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