Natural Remedies To Treat Internal Parasites In Dogs

Treat parasites to keep your dog healthy.

In otherwise healthy dogs, internal parasites may cause no problems. However, if your dog becomes stressed or sick, these parasites can cause trouble. Hookworm, tapeworm, roundworm and whipworm require specific remedies. Heartworm requires medical treatment by a veterinarian. In order to treat the worms, provide a stool sample for your vet to identify the type you are dealing with. In an otherwise healthy dog, natural remedies may be enough for some parasites.


Sulfur compounds in garlic will cause the dog to eliminate hookworms or a tapeworm. Mix garlic powder in your dog’s food daily for up to two months. Because too much garlic can harm your dog, consult your vet before using this remedy.

Wheat Germ Oil

For a large dog, add a tsp. of wheat germ oil to his food each day for two weeks. Use a quarter tsp. for a small dog. The oil will help eliminate tapeworms and roundworms.

Pumpkin Seeds

Ground pumpkin seeds—an old home remedy—will help eliminate a tapeworm. Grind up raw pumpkin seeds, including the shell. Give a small dog a quarter tsp. before each meal. A large dog will need a whole teaspoon.


Use carrots to eliminate threadworms and other intestinal parasites. Add grated raw carrots to your dog’s food each morning for one week. It will take several days to work. Repeat every few weeks to keep your dog clear.

Wormwood Oil

Animal owners in ancient Rome, India and Greece used the herb wormwood to reduce tapeworms and roundworms. It is effective but your pet may have a harsh reaction. Mix one part wormwood oil with eight parts olive oil. Very small dogs will require only two drops daily. A large dog will need a tablespoon.

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Diatomaceous Earth

Food-grade diatomaceous earth will rid your dog of intestinal worms. According to information on the bag, diatomaceous earth is safe for your pet or children. Mix a small amount with your pet’s food for several days to kill parasites. You can purchase this at garden-supply stores. Do not use the product sold for pool filters, which is toxic.


The life cycle of the tapeworm includes fleas. The flea eats a tapeworm egg and the dog picks up the tapeworm when he eats the flea, according to the University of Georgia. Use borax laundry powder to eradicate fleas in your home and on the dog. Sprinkle the borax on the floors and on your pet’s bedding. Leave it there for a few days, and then vacuum it up. The website “Vet MD” states that borax is safe for your pets and children and you will avoid the toxins that exterminators use.


Although some old home remedies suggest adding tobacco to his food to rid your dog of worms, do not feed your dog any type of tobacco. Nicotine poisoning will kill your pet. The website “Mar Vista Vet” states that the amount of nicotine in a cigarette butt will cause illness or death for a small pet.


Fresh parsley will safely treat worms in dogs. Grind a handful of fresh parsley and cook in a quarter cup water for three minutes. Strain out the solids and freeze in ice cube trays. Add one cube to his food daily.