Natural Relief For Gas Bloating & Stomach Cramps

Everyone experiences bloating, stomach cramps and gas from time to time. Bloating and gas may be caused by many factors, such as a food intolerance or lack of the good bacteria that is found in your stomach that aids digestion. Luckily, there is natural relief to be found that can help settle the stomach and get rid of the gas that causes cramping and pain.

Stop the Problem at its Root

Bloating and gas can come from too much stomach acid. This is caused by many lifestyle habits that we can actually control. Things like too much caffeine, heavy smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can all cause bloating, gas and cramps. Cutting back on these things can help relieve the pain in people who may fall into this category. A diet that is heavy in spicy foods can also lead to gas and bloating. Figuring out the food and drinks you consume that causes these intestinal problems can help relieve the symptoms, or even stop them all together.

Hot Peppers and Black Pepper

Believe it or not, hot peppers can actually fight gas and bloating in some people. They are a natural cure that can be found in cayenne pepper as well as black pepper, which are both extremely inexpensive and found everywhere. A small dash of cayenne pepper can be added to a drink, or black pepper can be sprinkled onto food as a seasoning. Some find that adding a pinch of black pepper into an herbal tea helps with their digestion, and keeps bloating and cramping at bay.

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Mints and Herbs

Mints have long been used as a natural remedy for stomach cramps and bloating. Mints can be found in many natural forms, such as peppermints and spearmint. Spearmint can help relieve gas and stomach aches, as can peppermint. Spearmint is also great for children, as it is not as powerful, yet still effective. Sage is an herb that has been used for years for not only cooking, but for aiding in digestion, and has been used successfully by those with digestive issues.


Ginger root has for years been used as a stomach remedy, to help an upset stomach, nauseam motion sickness and morning sickness. Ginger can be found in many forms, such as capsules, tablets, teas and syrups. Many people find that simply drinking ginger ale will help settle a bloated stomach. It is an inexpensive, natural remedy for those who suffer from gas, bloating and stomach cramping. Ginger products can be found in almost any health food store, or they can be ordered off of the Internet.