Natural Lung Cancer Cure Stories

Skeptics are taking a second look at natural cures for lung cancer. The TV news program “60 Minutes” has reported on a viable treatment that uses harmless radio waves and gold particles to kill cancer anywhere in the body. The showed aired Oct. 18, 2009. The Kanzius Machine, named after its inventor John Kanzius, was expected to be in common use within a few years of that date. Natural cancer treatment centers are springing up around the country, and testimonials from their patients abound. Researchers are looking in other directions in hopes of finding a cure for cancer, particulary that which affects the lungs.

Flaxseed Story of 90 Percent Success

Even a biopsy performed to evaluate the type of tumor in one of the lungs can cause a tumor to grow from pea size to the size of a grapefruit in three weeks. Some people simply elect to have the entire lung or lung lobe removed. But others say they’ve used flaxseed oil, antioxidant concoctions, mushrooms of a certain species and/or asparagus substances, fish oil and other natural essences to heal their lung cancer. Prominent researcher Dr. Johanna Budwig, for example, has plenty of Internet sites contending that her methods of using flaxseed and cottage cheese have cured 90 percent of patients with lung or any type of cancer.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Reported as Cure

Terminal lung cancer patients have reported shrinking tumors by 94 percent through ingesting Omega-3 oils, such as fish oils. The chemistry involved is related to how the body heals itself using natural substances to eradicate the cancer cells and build new tissue. Most of these stories are reported openly on the Internet by friends, professors and family members of patients. Most say the are willing to back up their stories, offering before and after CT scans.

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Clinics Espouse Quality of Life Vs. Cure

Clinics specializing in both conventional medical treatments and holistic support through natural “medicines” commonly offer better quality of life and extended life rather than cures. Lung cancer typically is terminal within two to five years of diagnosis. But herbs and supplements are used to strengthen the body’s natural defenses and enhance the patient’s quality of life. Many clinics and people whom they’ve treated have released books telling of natural cures that worked. Lung cancer patients should approach these stories cautiously, knowing they are not scientifically documented in the same way as conventional drug studies.

Grape Diet Helps Some Tumors

Johanna Brandt, developer of “The Grape Cure,” insists the healing powers of grapes in reversing lung and other types of cancer works. Her websites offer testimonials of 100 percent cures from eating grapes. However, there are Internet stories from cancer patients who say they were no better or worse after a couple of months of ingesting high quantities of grapes.

Healing Powers of Alkaline Water

Some manufacturers of water machines that turn water from acidic to alkaline tout the healing power of the water to mitigate almost any type of illness. Lung cancer is listed as an illness that alkaline water can cure. Stories are available in literature accompanying these water machines, but few are documented by medical science. Holistic methods, however, are much harder to scientifically monitor. Lung cancer patients cannot be hurt by drinking alkaline water, eating grapes or taking flaxseed oil, so there’s no real reason not to give these so-called cures a try. Moderation is key, however, because any substance whatsoever taken in abnormally large quantites — even drinking water — can harm or sometimes even kill you.

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