Natural Homeopathic Cures For Intestinal Worms In Cats

Cats are susceptible to illnesses, just as humans are. Your cat can acquire intestinal worms (or parasites). These worms feed off of your cat and, if they are left untreated, can cause severe illness and even death. Signs your pet may have an intestinal worm are coughing, vomiting, have diarrhea, loss of appetite or a pot belly. These worms can be acquired easily from bugs, fleas or from mother to kitten. It is advisable to take your cat to the veterinarian for treatment. However, there are also homeopathic treatments available, including supplements.

Visit the Vet

The first step is to ensure a parasite is causing problems for your cat and that the parasites do not return. If you don’t kill the eggs from the parasites, they will continue to return. Clean. Cleanliness is a vital part of parasite control. Clean the litter box regularly with bleach. Avoid raw meat diets for your cat. Control fleas, ticks or rodents from your cat’s access.


Give your cat food-grade diatomaceous supplements. This is fossilized algae that is non-toxic and a non-chemical that naturally removes the worms. Unfortunately, you have to use these supplements for at least 60 days or longer. Use grapefruit seed extract, too. With grapefruit extract and garlic, you can give extract to your cat daily to help with de-worming.

Try Parsley Water

Boil fresh parsley in 1 quart of water, simmer for three minutes and let it cool. Remove the parsley. Give 1 tablespoon (per 10 pounds of weight) to your cat once or twice a day. Increase diet. In adding roughage to your cat’s diet, you can help with the intestinal tract and remove the worms out. Roughage can include pieces of raw carrots, turnips or beets. To feed vegetables to your cat, puree the vegetables into small pieces in the blender.

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Fasting. As difficult as this may be for you and your pet, a 24 hour fast once a week can help clear the digestive system. With the lack of food, the worms also do not have anything to feed on. Do not use this method if your cat is already unhealthy.

Always consult with the veterinarian for the best treatment for your animal.