Natural Home Remedies For Treating Cysts

Epidermoid ear cyst

Epidermoid cysts, according to the Mayo Clinic, are tiny permanent lumps which appear most often on the face, neck, and torso. Although usually harmless and painless, they may become inflamed.

Many women in their 30s and 40s develop breast cysts, benign fluid-filled lumps which disappear on their own following menopause. Many women also develop harmless functional ovarian cysts. (References 1 and 2, and Resource 1) A few natural remedies may relieve the discomfort of these kinds of cysts.

Epidermoid Cysts

Dr. Jack Lesher, M.D., of the Medical College of Georgia, advises that the best approach to caring for epidermoid cysts is to leave them alone. These cysts, however, do sometimes become inflamed. Protecting yours from bumps with gauze may prevent that.

Provide relief for inflamed or oozing cysts with a compress. Apply a warm wet washcloth to your cysts a few times each day to stimulate blood flow and flush out the inflammatory substances. Hot water may rupture the cysts.(Reference 2)

Dr. Joseph Bark, M.D., a Lexington, Ky., dermatologist, warns that rupturing a cyst puts you at risk of infection. Never self-treat your cysts by squeezing them. Doing so may push their fluids further into your tissues, generating an immune system release of inflammatory substances to fend off the hostile invasion.

Clean an accidentally ruptured cyst with warm water and antibacterial soap, apply hydrogen peroxide, and bandage it until you see your doctor. (Reference 2)

Breast Cysts

The Mayo Clinic’s Dr. Sandhya Pruthi, M.D., says that some women claim to have found relief by reducing their caffeine intake. Eliminate coffee, chocolate, cola, and caffeinated energy drinks to determine if this strategy will work for you. (Reference 2)

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The same applies to salt. Salt intake can cause fluid retention. Limiting the amount of salt in your food may provide relief from painful fluid-filled cysts. (Reference 2)

The Queen’s Hospital, based in the UK, says taking enough evening primrose oil to supply 320mg of gamma linolenic acid daily may prevent breast cysts from developing. Get capsules at a health food store or pharmacy. Consult with your doctor before starting this treatment. (Reference 3)

Treat yourself to the best supportive bra you can find. Relieving pressure on your breast tissue may be enough to alleviate pain from breast cysts. (Reference 2)

FunctionalOvarian Cysts

While functional ovarian cysts usually disappear on their own, recommended home remedies for treating the pelvic pain associated with them include applying heat to the pelvis to relieve muscular tension. Drinking chamomile tea can also relax those muscles.

Two more simple remedies, according to Blue Shield of California, are to urinate as soon as you need to, and to eat enough fiber to prevent constipation. The key is to avoid anything which increases pelvic pressure. (Resource 1)

See your gynecologist any time you have unusual pelvic pain. Don’t assume the problem is functional ovarian cysts.