Natural Flea & Tick Medication For Dogs

Dogs can catch fleas and ticks while spending time outside.

Natural flea and tick medications are growing in popularity due to the increase in negative reactions in dogs receiving preventive flea and tick treatment. Veterinarians are more conservative in prescribing chemical-based medications for flea and tick treatment and prevention.


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports skin irritation, seizures and death as a potential result of using traditional spot-treatment flea and tick medications on pets. .


Natural flea and tick medications are frequently identified as natural on the label. To verify this claim, check the ingredients. Look for the presence of such ingredients as natural pyrethrins.

Natural Repellents

Herbs, minerals and grasses are some of the best available defenses against fleas and ticks. According to Care2, you can make or purchase herbal collars containing zinc, barley, mint and barley grass.


Natural flea and tick medications come in three forms: shampoos, sprays and drops. Typical ingredients include extracts and oils that naturally repel insects, such as mint, rosemary, cinnamon and cedar.

Expert Insight

Many veterinarians believe that constant chemical flea and tick prevention does more harm than good. Instead, Dr. Shawn Messonnier of Pet Care Naturally recommends leaving flea and tick shampoo on your dog for 20 to 30 minutes to kill any fleas.

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