Natural Dry Skin Remedies For Babies

Dry skin on babies is a very common occurrence. Many times if a baby has a case of severely dry skin it can be eczema and the itching and irritation can make an infant’s life miserable. There are natural, home remedies that can be utilized to treat a baby’s dry skin, which will make for a happy baby and happy parents.

Detergent and Soap

Many times dry skin on babies occurs because of an irritant on their clothing or skin which is causing an allergic reaction. Common offenders are laundry soap, shampoo, baby wash and fabric softeners. If the culprit is laundry soap, the irritation will most commonly occur on the legs and abdomen. If the dry skin is occurring on the baby’s face, it is more than likely the shampoo or baby soap. If either of areas is being affected, change products and watch for a reduction or elimination of irritated skin. Products that contain natural ingredients such as aloe and lavender and are free of dyes and perfumes should be utilized.

Lotion and Bath Time

Only use a natural, fragrance-free moisturizing lotion on baby’s skin. Avoid ingredients such as alpha hydroxy, vitamins and urea. Apply this natural lotion to your infant’s skin within three minutes of taking a bath. Natural products should also be used on a baby’s face and skin just after bath time. Try to find moisturizers and bath products that contain aloe vera.


Keep your baby well hydrated by making sure he is drinking enough formula, breast milk or water. Older babies can also drink sugar-free juices.

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Natural Fabrics

Purchase clothing and bedding for your infant that are made of 100 percent natural materials, such as cotton. These fabrics are free from irritants, and clothing that is pure cotton will allow more air flow onto the baby’s skin, which will allow the skin to breathe.


Babies with severely dry skin can find some relief if given an oatmeal bath. Place a few cups of rolled oats into a tub of warm water and let your baby splash around for 10 minutes. The oatmeal will not only soothe the baby’s itching skin, it will also help heal any signs of eczema, if your baby is suffering from that severe form of itching skin.