Natural Dog Seizure Remedies

Seizures can affect dogs of any breed, gender or age.

Some medications prescribed to control seizures in dogs may have serious side effects that can lead to other problems, according to For that reason, many people are using a more natural approach to help to control seizures in dogs.

Proper Diet

According to, a poor diet can contribute to the onset of seizures. Therefore, feed your pooch food that is free of artificial preservatives and colors, fillers, by-products and chemicals. Feed your dog an organic diet that is homemade, if possible. In addition, hypoglycemia, a condition in which blood sugar levels are too low, can cause seizures. Feed small, frequent meals to your dog and offer healthy snacks throughout the day, such as apples, carrots, scrambled or hard-boiled eggs and bran crackers. Also, exercise your dog.

Vitamin B Supplements suggests that a vitamin B deficiency is one of the leading reasons for dog seizures. Because of this, some pet owners give their dogs a supplement containing high amounts of vitamin B and herbs. One such supplement is available in powder form and is given on a daily basis. This medication contains a variety of all-natural ingredients, including garlic, passion flower, St. John’s Wort and kava-kava.

Herb and Natural Remedies suggests using a combination of herbs and natural remedies to prevent your dog from having seizures. Skullcap can help to control overactive synaptic activity in the brain that can cause seizures. When used in conjunction with oatstraw and valerian, skullcap can reduce the occurrence and severity of the seizures. Consult with a holistic veterinarian for dosage information. In addition, products that contain flower essences are also useful in controlling seizures. Flower essences typically calm down stressed, nervous or anxious dogs. suggests rubbing those products on your dog’s ears if a seizure seems likely.

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