Natural Cures For Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a condition that occurs when there is a malfunction in the inner ear that hinders its connection to the brain. This condition is accompanied by a ringing in the ear. This can be caused by over exposure to loud noise, aging, flu, high blood pressure, ear wax buildup, blood circulation and several other causes. There are several natural methods to treat this condition.

Natural Treatment

According to the Illustrated Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies there are several vitamin and herb deficiency that have been linked to tinnitus. Vitamin A, C and E supplements should be added into your daily diet to promote healthy circulation. Studies have also shown that tinnitus has been linked to a magnesium and potassium deficiency. Elderly people that have a zinc deficiency have been known to experience tinnitus. It is important to add the doctor recommended daily dosages of these vitamins and minerals to your diet.

Tinnitus can be caused by nerve damage and blood vessel disorder which may result in a hissing or ringing sound. Ginkgo has been known to reduce the loudness of this sound. Mistletoe tea should be taken three times a day to increase blood circulation. Make this tea by mixing 3 tsp. of mistletoe herbs to three cups of cold water. Let it sit over night, strain the following morning, warm and drink.

Consumption of alcohol dilates your blood vessels by increasing the force of your blood flow which may affect your inner ear and cause tinnitus. Alcohol should be avoided to prevent excessive blood flow to your inner ear.

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Caffeine, tonic water and nicotine are known to aggravate tinnitus. It is best to avoid these things until the ringing in your ear has subsided and has not returned. You should also avoid loud noises, if loud noises cannot be avoided you can use ear plugs or earmuffs to lessen the noise.

To help prevent tinnitus you should not put objects in your ear such as cotton swabs. Using these items to clean your ear may push the wax in your ear against your eardrum. Ear wax buildup deep in the canal of the ear may also cause temporary hearing loss or tinnitus. Clean your ears routinely and if necessary you should have your ears checked.

Tinnitus is typically more noticeable and may become an annoyance when you are in a quiet environment. You can mask the ringing in your ear by turning on a radio, fan or any device that makes constant noise to help mask the sound.