Natural Cures For Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is on the rise worldwide and, like all cancer, is caused by a large number of variables and specific conditions. Many natural cures for skin cancer are touted on the Internet and most have not been studied by the scientific community. However, many people claim to have cured cancer using natural substances and many of these substances have long histories of traditional use worldwide. Escharotic salves based on natural herbs are currently widely-used, and may be a natural cure for skin cancer.


Many natural substances such as herbs have been shown to have an effect on cancerous cells, and are spurning the search for a natural cure for skin cancer.


Many remedies claiming to be natural cures for skin cancer are topical salves. The famous Hoxsey formula is an escharotic salve based on bloodroot, an herb traditionally used by Native Americans for skin growths.


Escharotics are salves that are applied directly to the skin cancer growth and are supposed to directly attack the cancerous tissue, thereby effecting a natural cure.


Eschotic salves used as natural cures for skin cancer can be prepared at home or purchased in a variety of forms, sometimes called black salve.


Treating skin cancer through natural means is something that should only be attempted under the supervision of an experienced practitioner.

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