Natural Cures For Sinus Drainage

When there is a sinus infection or bad cold or flu, the nasal passages become inflamed, swollen and congested. The build-up of mucus in the sinus cavities makes it harder for the sinuses to drain. With this sinus congestion, a person may have difficulty breathing through the nose or have reduced hearing. There are natural remedies that help to alleviate the congestion and promote drainage.

Use Steam

Steam is a natural way to cleanse the sinuses. The Mayo Clinic in its article “Chronic Sinusitis” suggests using steam as a way to open up the nasal cavities. This allows the mucus to flow more easily. The warm, hot air increases drainage. Boil a pot of water on the store and inhale the steam for a few minutes. Take care to not burn yourself, however. Do this a few times a day as needed. Drape a towel over your head to keep the steam concentrated around your face. A hot shower or bath also creates steam that you can breathe in.

Drinking Fluids

Drinking plenty of liquids is also suggested by the Mayo Clinic. The water improves sinus drainage by washing away the excess mucus. The water also helps to dilute or thin the mucus that is in your body. Drinking hot beverages like herbal teas or just water is also beneficial. The article “Home Remedy for Sinus Infection” on the Sinus Infection Help website suggests adding apple cider vinegar to the water. Apple cider vinegar is a folk remedy for breaking up mucus. The ascetic acid helps to reduce the amount of mucus or phlegm. Lemon juice is also good for ridding the body of mucus because of its citric acid.

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Do Nasal Cleansing

The Mayo Clinic also suggests nasal cleansing for sinus congestion. Also known as nasal irrigation, the method uses water to rinse out the sinuses. Warm water (with sea salt added) is poured or sprayed into the nostrils. You can make your own nasal spray using a bulb syringe purchased from a drugstore. You can also purchase a neti pot. This is an ancient device that is a small pot with a snout on one end. Using a neti pot is considered a natural way to clean the sinuses by alternative medical practitioner. Neti pot kits are sold online and in many drugstores. The salt (or saline solution) comes as a part of the kit. The packets are pre-measured for convenience. Follow the directions carefully.