Natural Cures For Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a painful and common form of cancer that is found only in men, and is related to a number of known and unknown factors. Since many natural substances are beneficial for prostate health and have cancer inhibiting properties, there is potential for a natural cure for prostate cancer.


Natural cures for prostate cancer include herbal therapy, food therapy, minerals, lifestyle and exercise, and stress reduction techniques.


Herbs that are used as natural cures for prostate cancer include saw palmetto and pygium. These act directly on the prostrate to reduce enlargements. Anti-cancer herbs such as essiac and green tea fight cancer systems on a wider spectrum.


Certain foods can be natural prostate cancer cures. Broccoli and tomato contain compounds that affect the prostate and cancer cells. These compounds are also found in maitake and shitake mushrooms.


Selenium and calcium are greatly utilized by the body while fighting cancer. Both should be an integral part of any natural prostate cancer cure plan.


Exercise releases powerful chemicals in the body that assist in the fight against cancer and stress reduction techniques such as meditation boost the overall immune system.

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