Natural Cures For Menopausal Nausea

Nausea is a common symptom in women who are nearing or experiencing menopause. The symptom is very similar to the nausea that occurs during pregnancy, and some women face nausea when they eat certain foods. Diet and natural cures can help relieve these symptoms and eliminate this distressing morning experience during menopause.

Diet and Nutrition

Keep a “food diary” that can help you learn which specific foods trigger your queasiness. It is simple to avoid foods that result in nausea and vomiting once you know what they are. During peri-menopause, dairy products, caffeine, foods high in iron and red meat are common culprits responsible for morning nausea. If you omit certain food groups from your diet, take a multivitamin or other supplements, such as calcium, to replace the nutrients you may now lack.

Herbal teas and crackers can also help alleviate the nausea experienced during the years preceding menopause. Ginger tea, peppermint tea, dandelion tea and licorice tea are the most beneficial, and hot water with lemon can also help soothe a nauseous stomach. Unsalted crackers, saltines or dry toast are often easy to ingest when you’re experiencing queasy feelings.

Hormone Replacement

Hormone replacement is usually started during the peri-menopausal stage. In the past, doctors did not begin hormone-replacement therapy until menopause had been well-established up to a year after the last menstrual cycle. Today, doctors believe that significant damage can occur to the body during this time of decreasing estrogen and that starting hormone replacement earlier can prevent conditions such as osteoporosis.

These fluctuations that occur during menopause can cause many of the nausea symptoms experienced by some women. Plant hormone replacements can also be beneficial for menopausal nausea as well. Phytoestrogens are plant-based hormone replacements that are found in soy, flax seed and chickpeas. Flax-seed oil and soy-based products such as tofu are healthy ways to include phytoestrogens in the menopausal diet and reduce nausea symptoms as well as hot flashes.

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Herbal Nausea Cures

Lavender is used for a variety of ailments, including nausea. Lavender can be made into a tea or the oil can be inhaled as aromatherapy. The flowers of the plant are used for the health benefits. Peach leaves are also used to ease gastrointestinal disturbances such as nausea. Soak 1 oz. of the leaves in 1 pt. of water for at least a day. Strain the liquid and take 3 tsp. two or three times a day to treat queasiness. Tangerine peel steeped into a tea can treat nausea caused by menopause and other conditions; drink 1 cup two or three times a day.

Finally, ginger is justly famed for its ability to curb nausea. Steep it into a tea, chew on fresh ginger root or use it when cooking to get all the digestive benefits of ginger.