Natural Cures For Kidney Failure In Dogs

An appropriate diet can help dogs with kidney failure.

The kidneys are a very fragile part of the body, but they also do a lot of work. Every day, your dog’s kidneys filter out wastes, regulate blood pressure and stimulate production of red blood cells. They help maintain a healthy balance in the blood. It’s not really a surprise that kidney failure is a common sign of age in pet dogs. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of conventional treatments that can help, but some natural options can improve your pet’s health.


Also used by conventional vets, a diet change can do a lot for your pet. Poor quality and unbalanced diets are a major contributor to kidney failure in dogs. Too much phosphorous and not enough calcium can lead to kidney stones and eventual failure. A dog with kidney problems should eat a low-phosphorous diet with appropriate levels of calcium. Low-protein diets may also be appropriate, but should be used with care. They can cause malnutrition if you don’t monitor your dog.


Dogs with kidney problems often develop increased thirst and become dehydrated as their condition progresses. Owners who feed only a conventional dry food may be aggravating this condition. Provide plenty of water for your pet, and make sure that it eats a moist or raw food from time to time. Wet dog food and natural meat dog foods help provide the hydration your pet needs. A dehydrated dog’s kidneys will deteriorate faster as waste loads build up.

Oil Supplements

Kidney failure in dogs can also be treated with the help of nutritional supplements. Omega 3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory and may reduce inflammation in the kidneys, according to You can administer these supplements along with vitamin E oils to improve the effectiveness of both types of supplement. You can use up to twice the recommended amount on the product label, but take care. Too much supplemental oil can cause digestive problems. If diarrhea results, decrease your pet’s supplement levels.


Vitamin C and B complex vitamins can also help your pet stay healthy longer. When the kidneys lose their ability to function properly, these vitamins are lost more quickly. Dogs fed B vitamins in addition to a healthy diet may regain their appetite and have better quality of life overall, says Remember to discuss all supplementation with your vet before you start administering it.