Natural Cures For Hair Loss In Dogs

There are many causes of hair loss in dogs that can be rectified with herbal medicines.

Dogs may experience hair loss in a small area or a widespread area over their body for many reasons. Dog hair loss is alopecia. Poor nutrition and diet, stress and nervousness are common causes of hair loss. The presence of worms, especially tapeworms will appear externally as widespread hair loss on dogs. Many dogs have allergies to food and to outdoor irritants like pollen and grass just as humans. Some dogs are also allergic to fleas and scratch until their hair falls out, which may leave unhealthy skin behind making it harder to regrow hair.

Natural Vitamins and Supplements

A dog may loose its hair if he/she has a poor diet or if the vitamins in its food is not being absorbed into his system. Dogs require vitamins A, B-complex, C, D, E, and K for their health. This combination of vitamins will promote healthy skin and hair, vitamin absorption and provide antioxidants to protect a dog from diseases as well as aid in digestion and the absorption of nutrients.

Herbal Anxiety Remedies

Dogs may become very upset when a new pet enters their home. Older dogs tend to take longer adjustment periods to a new family member who they see as encroaching on their territory. Anxiety can cause dogs to lick or scratch themselves until skin sores develop and do not allow hair to regrow. Some breeds of dogs also have separation anxiety or may be extremely nervous in bad weather, or stress out when loud noises like gunfire, thunder and fireworks occur. There are several herbal anxiety remedies for dogs. Chamomile tea, oats, valerian root and St. John’s wort are all calming remedies that may correct alopecia in dogs. Homeopathic remedies for anxiety-caused hair loss include borax, passionflower extract, phosphorus and rhododendron.

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Natural Shampoo

Natural shampoos help relieve dry itchy skin and irritants from a dog’s skin and coat. Oatmeal shampoo soothes dry skin and removes the red inflammation from the skin. Avocado oil in a shampoo will moisturize skin and hair so that it is soft. These two items in one shampoo can calm a dog so that it does not scratch and lick as much. Natural shampoos can be used much more often than a flea shampoo to correct skin problems and allow new healthy hair growth.