Natural Cures For Fleas & Worms In Dogs

Nature has blessed us with many natural cures for flea and worm outbreaks. Although many chemical anti-parasitic remedies are on the market, natural remedies for worms and fleas have fewer side effects overall for dogs’ well-being. As we are learning the importance of natural remedies for our own long-term health, why not also treat our beloved pets with natural cures?


One way to control fleas on your dog is with a natural compound called Diatomaceous Earth. This naturally occurring sedimentary mineral compound is made up of fossilized water plants called diatoms, according to Golden Harvest Golden Harvest estimates this compound to be roughly 30 million years old.

How It Works

Diatomaceous Earth has razor sharp edges that irritate the body of the flea. After the flea is exposed to the Diatomaceous Earth, these sharp particles eventually cut through the fleshy parts of the flea’s body. If the flea ingests the substance, the particles cut its internal organs, causing death.

Where to Find It and How Use It

Look for Diatomaceous Earth in gardening shops. Make sure you buy the “food grade” Earth, because it is less harmful to you and your furry friend. To apply it, first put on eye protection and a dust mask. Dust the animal, avoiding the face and surrounding areas. Rub the Diatomaceous Earth into the fur.

Other Uses

Dust the Diatomaceous Earth in the house on rugs and around dog bedding. Dust around perimeter of house and yard to control fleas outside and the dog’s exposure to them.

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Other Natural Remedies for Fleas

Try brewer’s yeast and garlic. The yeast and the garlic make the animal’s blood unpalatable to fleas. The garlic is a great immunity booster that controls parasites and reduces cholesterol. Mix the yeast and garlic with food, but check with your veterinarian for the appropriate amount for your dog’s age and weight.

Apple cider vinegar changes the ph of the blood, making it too acidic for fleas. Mix with food; check with the vet first for appropriate dosage.

Cedar oil and shavings help, because cedar is irritating to fleas. Fill your pet’s bed with shavings or put a few drops of cedar oil in a spray bottle with filtered water and spray onto the dog’s coat. A few drops should be enough. You want to be able to smell the cedar without it being overpowering.


Pumpkin is nature’s remedy for worm parasite control. The seeds have a unique amino acid that paralyzes worms while working to dispel them. This is a safe and effective measure for annihilating worm infestation. Pumpkins are also a good worm preventive and are full of essential fatty acids and other vitamins and minerals that help keep to your dog happy and healthy. Add a few crushed dried pumpkin seeds to daily meals.

Additional Help

Wormwood alleviates worm infestation, but side effects might be very uncomfortable for you furry friend, including upset stomach, irritated kidneys or effects on the nervous system.

Black walnut is an anti-parasitic with no known side effects. Cinnamon is an anti-parasitic and natural insect repellent with a possible side effect of irritating the skin.

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