Natural Cure For Essential Tremors

Essential tremors are spasms of the hands, neck or other body parts with a range of causes. While surgical procedures and prescription medicines can treat tremors, some may want to try a natural cure before moving on to more invasive measures.

Changes in Lifestyle

Substances such as caffeine or other stimulants can cause or aggravate instances of tremors. Unless there is a more serious underlying condition such as Parkinson’s disease, caffeine may be the central cause of the tremors. Try reducing or cutting out caffeine from your daily diet. Stress can also cause tremors. If you have a stressful daily life and are experiencing tremors, try stress-management techniques. Regular exercise can greatly reduce stress. Along with proper exercise, proper rest is also required. Tremors can emerge as a result of fatigue, which can be treated simply by getting enough rest every day.

Herbal Remedies

Several herbal remedies are said to reduce tremors. Skullcap balances the mind and reduces stress that may be causing tremors. Some tremor sufferers use gotu kola, which increases mental clarity and improves blood circulation. Gambir is an herb that naturally reduces spasms. These and several other natural options are for those dealing with tremors who don’t want to use chemical drugs or undergo surgery.

Alternative Cures

Massage or other soft tissue manipulation can aid in relief from tremors. Acupuncture is said to be effective in curing muscular ailments, and can be used to treat tremors. Hypnosis is another experimental treatment that may be effective. These methods are not proven, but are far less invasive than prescription drugs, which merely treat the symptoms, and may be worth a try if your goal is to alleviate the effects of tremors naturally.

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