Natural Cure For Cat Ear Infection

Natural remedies are effective options for cat ear infections.

Feline ear infections are painful and caused by dirty ears, bacteria and even matted hair. These infections are usually treated with prescription medications, but they can also be alleviated by natural remedies.


Natural remedies treat feline ear infections without the use of conventional medications and the harsh chemical ingredients they sometimes contain.


Types of natural remedies for this condition include distilled white vinegar rinses, garlic compresses, sulfur tablets, vitamin C, and almond or olive oil applied to the ear. A natural, high-quality diet helps boost a cat’s immune system and prevent ear infections.


Not all cats can use all natural remedies. Some may be allergic to oils or herbs, while others may experience digestive problems from vitamin supplements.


A natural remedy is no substitute for veterinary care. A veterinarian can determine the cause of an infection and suggest an appropriate remedy.


The symptoms of a feline ear infection mimic symptoms of other medical conditions. If you fail to see improvement in your cat’s condition or if it seems to worsen while using a natural remedy, see your veterinarian for further treatment.

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