Natural Cat Flea Control Recipe

As most cat owners know, there are few pests as pesky as fleas. And because they are so invasive, it can be tempting to use harsh and toxic chemicals in a desperate attempt to be rid of them. However, many flea-killing powders, collars and shampoos contain chemicals that are toxic to you and your cat. For those that are looking for ways to rid themselves of fleas without resorting to chemical warfare, there are several natural cat flea-control recipes that can be used to kill the fleas but keep you and your cat safe.

Nutritional Recipes

A healthy, thriving cat does not attract as many fleas as a sickly one. In fact, if your cat suddenly attracts fleas when he hasn’t before, it may be a sign that he is not as healthy as he could be.

A preliminary step to natural cat flea control that many veterinarians recommend is switching your cat’s food from processed cat food to a more natural recipe that will help build his immunity and his resistance to fleas.

The recipe for natural cat food can vary, but a good guideline to follow for most cats is:

4 oz. ground meat

1 tsp. vegetables

1 tsp. cheese

1 tsp. oil

When making your cat’s food, be aware that there are certain foods that cats should avoid–for example, certain varieties of fish like tuna and swordfish have high levels of mercury.

Food Additives

Diet is central to controlling a flea problem, and veterinarians such as Tracy Lord, champion of alternative veterinary medicine, suggest that adding brewer’s yeast and garlic to your cat’s food during the height of flea season can give him added protection against fleas.

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These additives come in pill form and are available in most health food stores and several veterinarian’s clinics. Add one pill of each into your cat’s food every other day when the fleas are at their worst.

Environmental Control

Fleas may be attracted to the animals in your home, but they live and breed in the surrounding environment. For natural environmental flea control, try a recipe of boric acid and diatomaceous earth.

After spot-testing boric acid in a corner of your home to see if you or your pet is allergic or if it stains your carpets, sprinkle the fine powder all over the carpet and your pet’s bedding. It will kill any larvae on contact and prevent the next generation of fleas from springing up.

Diatomaceous earth can be used inside as well, but it is a great product for the yard. Sprinkle it all over the yard, including your front porch. When the fleas come into contact with the diatomaceous earth, it will immobilize them by cutting through their exoskeleton and keep them from jumping on your cat.