Mix Maca & Muira Puama

With evocative names like maca and yohimbe, sexual enhancement herbs can be enticing.

Called by evocative names like “Peruvian ginseng” or “potency wood,” maca and muira puama are readily available sexual potency herbs hailing from ancient South American civilizations. When combined into proprietary blends with each other and other natural libido enhancers, these plants give pharmaceuticals a run for their money in effectiveness and ease of use. Maca and muira puama have been used in Peru and Brazil respectively for centuries, becoming more widely known and available in the U.S. in recent decades. When blending the herbs yourself, you may have to experiment with some trial and error before finding the right combination for you.


1. Work with each herb separately until you know the effect each has on you. You may notice slight differences in how they affect the libido, for example. Or you may find that certain forms — whether capsules or tinctures — are more effective than others.

2. Find the dose that works for you. For muira puama, take one capsule a day for five days, followed by two days of non-intake. Adjust these amounts to your own needs, however. For maca, take about 1 tsp. in powdered form daily for one week and see how well you tolerate it. Gradually increase the intake of powdered maca to up to 3 tsp. daily and keep it at that level.

3. Collect approximately half of the dose you would use for each herbal ingredient if you were using them alone. Combine these two halves together in order to create your maca-muira puama mixture. Cutting the dosages for each in half prior to combining them together will help prevent overdosing.

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4. Avoid taking maca or muira puama with other herbal blends that already contain the same ingredients. For example, taking muira puama together with pre-formulated blends that already contain it is best avoided.

5. Reduce the amount of the two herbs you use once you start seeing the desired effects.