Migraine Quick Cure

Migraine headaches are not only extremely uncomfortable, but can actually disrupt your regular routine by not allowing you to be able to handle everyday tasks. You may have to call into work or school and not attend certain important functions because of the pain and other symptoms caused by migraines. In order to keep migraines and the pain which comes along with them at bay, there are some quick cures as well as preventative steps one can take.


There are several causes of migraines. While some people are naturally more inclined to get migraines most people are susceptible to them at some point in their lives. Migraines are often brought on by certain triggers, such as excessive stress, lack of sleep and consumption of foods or drinks which are more likely to bring about migraines, examples of which are coffee, chocolate and alcohol. When the body is undergoing extreme amounts of stress, you may not even be aware until your body reacts negatively; one of these negative reactions is of course a migraine headache. To help prevent a migraine brought on by stress, be sure to take time out each day to clear your mind and alleviate as much stress as possible. Do activities you enjoy and take breaks from the stress in your life. Whether it’s a massage that will put your mind at ease or working out, making time for yourself on a regular basis will be an excellent preventative measure for migraines. Also, be sure to get plenty of rest on a regular basis and avoid excessive amounts of alcohol and caffeine because they dehydrate the body and leave it vulnerable to migraines.

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Steps to Take

Once a migraine has set in, there’s no denying it. Your temple may begin to throb and you’re extremely sensitive to light, you may even feel nauseous. As soon as you feel the migraine come on take some over the counter medication especially designed for migraines. Be sure to follow with plenty of water to hydrate your body. Apply a cool compress to the area that is hurting the most and go to a dark place with minimal noise and lay down. The best thing to do as soon as a migraine comes on is to get hydrated and get plenty of rest. Relaxation is key, so getting a massage, whether professional or from a friend or family member will help ease the tension in the body. Also, taking a warm bath can help you relax and soothe you, which in turn will help rid you of your migraine much more quickly. Be sure to avoid excessive light, such as those from computer screens this will help alleviate the symptoms much more quickly because you will not be aggravating your migraine headache.

Prescription Remedies

For migraines that are intense or for individuals who are more prone to migraines, prescription medications are available. Migraine prescription medications can be both preventative and used for a quick cure. If you find you have hard-to-treat or frequent migraines you may want to ask your doctor about these medications. A few examples are Midrin, Imitrex, Maxault and Zomig. Discussing your symptoms with your doctor will help you pick the best prescription for you.

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