Medication To Calm Dogs

Medication can help to calm hyperactive or stressed-out dogs.

Dogs can be subject to stress or hyperactivity, and there are times that owners need to calm their dogs down to prevent the dogs from injuring themselves, people or other animals. Several types of medication are available that may help calm them down.

Natural Essences

Medications that are blends of natural essences from flowers claim to have calming effects on dogs. “Calm Down!” is a brand name of this type of medicine. It is a liquid and 1 tsp. is to be given twice a day.


Valerian is prepared from the root of the valerian officinalis plant and is an over-the-counter drug for humans. It can legally be prescribed by veterinarians for dogs as a sedative to promote sleep and as a treatment for hyperactivity.


Clomipramine comes in tablets and is prescribed for treating separation anxiety, inappropriate urination and defecation, or excessive barking.


Amitryptiline comes in tablets and is prescribed for anxiety-related problems or to calm increased activity in the nervous system.


Fluoxetine, better known as Prozac, is best used in conjunction with behavior modification techniques to treat chronic hyperactivity problems.


Medications usually are just short-term, last-resort solutions. Regular exercise and training relieve stress, reduce hyperactivity and are better for the dog’s health.

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