Make Your Own Homeopathy

I rated this a moderate for the time involved.

Ever wanted to make your own homeopathy or homeopathic remedy? You can make your own homeopathic remedies!

It’s simple to do too, basically you can use any herb.

With homeopathy like cures like, so if you are hot for instance, like hot flashes, cayenne makes you hot, so make a homeopathic remedy out of this.

Homeopathy has no side effects, and is perfectly safe.

If you want an antidote to something, you would make a homeopathy out of it, again like cures like. You can search online for remedies, and make your own as well!


1. First choose what strength you are wanting 2c, 3c, 6x, etc.

The most common strength would be a 6x, moving to a higher strength as needed.

2. Take one part of the substance you are using to 99 parts distilled water in the bottle, cap, now shake the bottle 60 times, with each downstroke hit it onto the leather bound book.

This will be 1C potency

3. Now take 1 part of that mixture and mix it with 99 parts distilled water into the other bottle, and go through the same shaking process.

This will be 2C potency

As you go along you may want to keep some of the potentcies for later use.

4. Empty the 1C bottle, and Repeat step 3 using 1 part of 2c to 99 parts of dilution, using this empty bottle, this will be 3C potency, and so forth if you keep going it will be 4C, 5C, etc

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5. To make an X potency you will take 1 part of the substance to 10 parts of the dilution material such as distilled water.

This is 1X, repeat to make 2X, 3X, etc.

6. For dilution you can use a 20% grain alcohol water solution as well, DO NOT USE RUBBING ALCOHOL.

If a remedy is diluted 1000 times with 1 part substance to 100 parts liquid making C dilutions this becomes a 1M dilution.

A 1 part substance to 50,000 parts dilution substance is called a 1LM Potency.

7. The strengths go as follows, weaker first to stronger:





8. The more diluted the stronger. This goes against conventional thinking, however upon study you will find it is called Potentization, and they really do become stronger!

9. Hope this was informative, and helps you make your own homeopathy!