Make Body Lotions & Massage Oils

You can make massage oils at home.

You can easily make body lotions and massage lotions at home. Almost every kitchen has the necessary equipment and the ingredients are readily available. Producing your own lotion is also economical, and you can be creative with respect to mixing essential oils to suit your personal preferences. Homemade massage and body lotions also make inexpensive, original gifts. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Decide what type of lotion you want to make and gather the ingredients and all of the equipment you will need. When purchasing the essential oils, pay attention to the scents and select either one or a couple that will combine well. Alternatively, choose oils for their particular medicinal uses. These essential oils are manufactured from botanical extracts and can be powerful, both in terms of scent and effect on the body. It is often a good idea to ask for advice at the store where you are buying the oils. Once you have assembled everything you are ready to prepare the body lotion and then make the massage oil.

2. Transfer the base lotion into a mixing bowl and pour in the essential oil you have chosen for the body lotion. Drop the oil in one drop at a time, stirring it frequently with the wire whisk, until the mixture is scented according to your own preference. Add your choice of food coloring if you want to color your body lotion. Pour the lotion into clean containers with the funnel. Your body lotion will be ready to use in about 24 hours, after the essential oils are completely infused into the base.

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3. Pour one cup of carrier oil (either olive or sweet almond) into a glass bowl. Add about six drops of the essential oil you have chosen for your massage oil and mix it well with the wire whisk. Pour the oil mixture into small clean bottles with the funnel. It will be ready to use in 24 hours. Store it in the refrigerator; prior to using it, take the lid off and heat it in a microwave until it is comfortably warm. This massage oil will not deteriorate for at least six months.