Make A Doctor’S Office Brochure

Doctor’s office brochures are used for a variety of reasons. Brochures can be sent out to seek new business, to inform patients about products or services, to announce a change in contact information or office policies, or just to remind the public you are out on the market. You can pay an advertising agency to design you a brochure for your doctor’s office, or you can do it yourself with a computer and some specialized software.


1. Choose a design program. You can design your brochure in any program that supports text and graphics. Programs like Microsoft Publisher and SmartDraw have brochure templates that make brochure design simple.

2. Write your text. Since brochures are generally informational in nature, it’s a good idea to get down all of the information that needs to be included first. That way you know how much space the text will take up and how much room you have for pictures and design. If your brochure is to introduce the office to potential patients, tell them the names of the doctor, the doctor’s medical specialty and the hours of operation; and include all contact information.

3. Add graphics. Use actual photos of the doctor and staff, if available. If not, there are numerous online stock photo agencies where you can buy photos for use in brochures. You can search by term, making it simpler to find photos that are fitting for inclusion in your doctor’s office brochure. A well-placed photograph or drawing will catch the reader’s eye and draw attention to important parts of your brochure.

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4. Proofread your brochure. This will be viewed by potential patients. You don’t want a few spelling errors making them think that your office is careless.

5. Print the brochure on brochure paper. Office stores sell brochure paper that is made to work with brochure software programs. This paper come ready-made with the classic brochure tri-fold design, making folding easy.