Lachesis Mouse Problems

The Lachesis requires no mouse pad, as it is sensor activated.

The Razer Lachesis computer mouse allows for quick gaming maneuvers with its built-in 4,000-dots-per-inch laser sensor. After you set up the mouse, you might experience trouble using it.

USB Connection

If the mouse ceases to function, unplug the universal serial bus (USB) cord from the computer to reset the connection. Wait a few seconds, and then firmly plug the USB cord into a properly functional USB port.


A non-functional Lachesis might be the result of uninstalled Razer hardware drivers. Insert the supplied compact disc (CD) into the computer’s CD tray and follow the prompts to properly install the drivers.

Sleep Mode

Sometimes the Lachesis might not function after the computer is turned on. If the mouse is plugged into a hub, which is set to hibernation mode, the computer shuts off the hub to save power. Lift the hibernation mode by accessing the “Root Hub” settings within your PC’s “Properties” menu.

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