Kidney Homeopathic Remedies

Kidneys are the filters that keep blood pure. When your kidneys malfunction or become stressed, you may begin to experience urinary and digestive problems, chemical imbalances, blood pressure fluctuations and a general feeling of lethargy, discomfort and depression. Homeopathy is an alternative treatment that is becoming increasingly popular because of its effectiveness and lack of side effects.

General Kidney Health

Use Kali Phosphoricum 6X if you suffer from incontinence, bed wetting or involuntary urination. Once the the incontinence is under control, take Natrum Muriaticum 6x to regulate your body fluids. Take Natrum Sulphur 6X if you also have swelling in the feet or legs. Use Magnesia Phosphoricum 6X for kidney infections and general pain or bloating.

Kidney Stones

Use Berberis Vulgaris for any pain associated with urinating, whether it is difficulty completing urination or feeling the need to urinate even after the liquid has been evacuated. It is the main remedy given for kidney stones and helps to calm irritation in the bladder and kidneys. Berberis vulgaris helps to clear out the urogenital tract and lessens swelling and discomfort associated with kidney stones. A typical dose is three pellets three times a day, decreasing to two times and then one time a day as the pain subsides.

Kidney Dysfunction

If your kidneys are not functioning properly, your practitioner may administer Amni Vis 6X and/or Solidago Virg. These remedies also help if the kidney is sensitive to pressure. Some homeopaths believe that the best way to heal the kidneys is to detoxify fluids in the body, and they use Citricum Acidum 6X for this purpose. Use Pareira Brava 6X if urination is problematic due to kidney dysfunction rather than kidney stones. Use Cantharis 8x if the bladder is infected, or Nitricum Acidum 8X if the urine smells unusually foul. Use Mercurius Sol 10X instead, though, if the urine is dark red.

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Another remedy sometimes used for general kidney health is Arsenicum Album 30X.