Ingredients In Passiflora Compose

Ingredients in Passiflora Compose

Passiflora Compose is the name of a homeopathic formula made by a company called Boiron. Passiflora Compose is designed to help with insomnia and other sleep difficulties. Like other homeopathic formulations, Passiflora Compose is made from minute quantities of natural substances that are theorized to stimulated your body’s own reaction and solution to the problem. Although there are several ingredients in Passiflora Compose, the main ingredient is the passionflower, which has been used in western herbalism as a sedative and aphrodisiac. Homeopathy itself is a alternative health system that is unrecognized by most mainstream medical organizations and is the subject of some controversy.


Purple passionflower (Passiflora Incarnata) is one of the primary ingredients in Passiflora Compose. This variety of passionflower is also called the maypop. It is commonly found in, and native to, the southern United States. Traditional cultures around the world make a tea of passionflower for a wide number of folk uses.

Coffea Cruda

Coffea cruda, another ingredient in Passiflora Compose, is the homeopathic preparation of pure coffee. Although coffee may seem like a strange ingredient in an insomnia preparation, homeopathy often uses substances that have similar qualities to the disorder being treated, under the tenet that “like treat like.” The minute amounts of substances used in homeopathic preparations may mean that coffea cruda contains little or no caffeine.

Ignatia Amara

Another ingredient in Passiflora Compose is Ignatia amara, the homeopathic extract of the bean of the Strychnos ignatia plant, which is native to the Philippines. In homeopathy, Ignatia amara is used to treat a wide range of disorders including emotional trauma and stress. Ignatia amara contains strychnine, a poison, which may or may not be present in the homeopathic preparation.

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Magnesium Metallicum

Magnesium metallicum, also an ingredient in Passiflora Compose, is the homeopathic preparation of the mineral magnesium and is used to treat nervous disorders and sleeplessness. The mineral magnesium is commonly used in other alternative health practices to help with sleeplessness.


The next ingredient in Passiflora Compose is nyckterinia, a homeopathic preparation used for depression and nervous disorders.

Palladium Metallicum

Also found in Passiflora Compose, Palladium metallicum is the homeopathic preparation of the metal palladium and is used for weakness and ovarian issues.

Tellurium Metallicum

The next ingredient in Passiflora Compose is Tellurium Metallicum, the homeopathic preparation of the element Tellurium. It is used in homeopathy for back and body pains.

Acide Phosphoricum

The last ingredient in Passiflora Compose is Acide Phosphoricum, the homeopathic preparation of phosphoric acid. It is used in homeopathy to help with mental debility.