Induce Labor With Acupoint Stimulation

Induce Labor With Acupoint Stimulation

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, especially for women who are not nine months pregnant, can sleep through the night and don’t feel as if they live in the restroom. Your doctor may not be willing to induce labor, but you can in a safe and natural way.


1. Discuss natural methods of inducing labor with your doctor. Make sure there are no health concerns or risks to you or to the baby before you attempt any methods of induction. As uncomfortable as the end of pregnancy is, it’s well worth it when you hold your child and see him safe and healthy.

2. Find acupressure point SP 6, located on the inside of the leg, slightly above the ankle bone. Have a support person place their four fingers against the leg so that the little finger is just above the ankle bone. Apply steady and firm pressure to help dilate the cervix. Hold the pressure for approximately one minute and repeat on the other leg approximately thirty minutes later.

3. Stimulate contractions and help induce labor by using GB 21. Have the pregnant woman stand and lower her head. Locate the prominent bone at the base of the neck. If there are two, ask the mom to be to rotate her head slowly. The point you’re looking for will move with her. Apply firm pressure in a downward angle for thirty to sixty seconds. You can also rub this point from top to bottom with firm pressure.

4. Strengthen contractions and induce labor by stimulating CO 4, a pressure point located in the left hand. Use the thumb of the right hand to apply firm and steady pressure to the point where the thumb and the first finger of the left hand meet. By stimulating this point, you can strengthen contractions and make them more regular. Hold firm pressure for approximately one minute at a time.

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