Indoor Tanning Faqs

There are many common questions about the use of tanning beds. From choosing the right lotion to skin cancer protection, here are just a few of the frequently asked questions about indoor tanning. Does this Spark an idea?

Should I Use Lotion While Tanning Indoors?

Skin moisture will increase the chances of a successful tan. Most tanning lotions are intended to provide moisture either during or after your tanning session. Most lotions have important vitamins that allow you to achieve a deep, dark tan without having your skin peel, which can result in splotching and fading.

Can I Tan Indoors While Pregnant?

Tanning beds are not recommended for pregnant women. Although there is no correlation between tanning beds and damage to an unborn child, pregnant women are advised to stay away from anything that raises body temperature. While pregnant, your best option is to tan outdoors with direct sunlight while using an SPF lotion that will not penetrate into your bloodstream.

Can I Tan While on Medication?

If you’re taking medication, consult your physician before using a tanning bed. Some medications are sensitive to light, or “photosensitive.” This can increase your risk of severe sunburn. A long list of medications can cause a photosensitive reaction, so check with your doctor or ask your tanning salon for a list of these medications.

Should I Wear Eye Protection While Tanning?

Federal Law requires eye protection while using a tanning bed. Most salons will provide sanitized goggles or will allow you to purchase your own pair of goggles. Goggles protect against UV rays, which can penetrate the eyelids—even when the eyes are closed—and cause irreversible eye damage.

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Can Indoor Tanning Cause Cancer?

There is no evidence proving that tanning beds are any more harmful than natural sunlight. At-risk individuals, such as fair-skinned people who burn easily or people who have had family members with skin cancer, should avoid both tanning beds and natural sunlight exposure.

How Often Can I Tan?

Federal Law prohibits tanning more than once per day. Tanning beds are set at a maximum time limit, which is not to be exceeded within any 24-hour period.