Increase Sperm Count And The Chance Of Conception

Low sperm count is a common cause of infertility in couples who are trying to get pregnant. If the woman’s ovaries, eggs, and uterus are healthy and have no apparent signs of abnormality, then it’s time to look at the man’s role in conception.

Low sperm count can be treated with hormones and medication prescribed by your doctor. Additionally, there are natural remedies a man can use to keep his sperm count high, and his sperm cells in top form.


1. Stop smoking. Prolonged smoking decreases the amount of oxygen available in the blood, which in turn has a negative impact on sperm production. Moreover, carcinogens in tobacco products can cause malformations of the sperm. Most defective sperm cannot swim far enough to reach the egg, and the few that do cannot produce viable embryos.

2. Reduce your alcohol intake. Alcohol slows down many processes in the body, including sperm count.

3. Increase your testosterone levels. If you have seriously low T levels, it is best to undergo hormone therapy with medication. However, if your T levels are just moderately low, you can easily increase testosterone with two simple techniques: lose body fat, and increase muscle mass.

Regular exercise, a healthy diet, and weight lifting will bring up your testosterone, which in turn will help your testes produce many healthy sperm.

4. Let the sperm build up by having fewer ejaculations outside the womb. To maximize the possibility of conceiving, only come inside your wife’s or girlfriend’s vagina. Avoid masturbating between moments of intercourse.

5. Keep yourself hydrated and eat plenty of protein. Water and protein are necessary to produce seminal fluids, the stuff that nourishes the sperm and provides lubrication for intercourse.

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6. To mitigate the effects of low sperm, penetrate more deeply when you ejaculate in your wife. This will bring the sperm closer to the egg so they don’t have to swim as far. Many sperm die en route to the egg because of the distance, but deep penetration minimizes this.