How Hcg Works

How is HCG Derived?

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone that is produced by women who are pregnant. It is obtained from their urine. It is sterilized and processed until it becomes a substance that is usable in injection form.

Fats and HCG

The human body contains three different types of fat. One type of fat is called structural fat and it protects the vital organs of the body. The fat that the body uses when nutritional values are low is normal reserve fat. This type of fat is actually a healthy fat for the body to reserve. Abnormal fat gathers in areas of the body such as the abdomen, hips and arms. Even the buttocks, knees, ankles and neck can be areas that store abnormal fat. The fatty deposits stored in these areas can grow to become a permanent part of the body causing obesity. These fatty deposits are not a source the body can draw from. The HCG hormone is now being used to release these deposits of abnormal fat and make them a source of fat that the body can consume. This in turn, leads to weight loss.

How It Works

Tiny amounts of HCG are administered by injection. The amount used is much less than what is present during a woman’s pregnancy. The HCG then takes abnormal fat that has been stored and changes it into an energy that the body can use. This is equal to burning 200 or more calories in a day. Continuous dieting or yo-yo dieting damages the body’s natural ability to regulate weight. HCG stimulates the part of the brain that regulates weight and works to restore this ability. This prevents regaining the weight that is lost. As HCG makes the stored abnormal fat available for consumption, the body starts using the fat to live off of. The fat is now providing a source of energy similar to the energy provided by food consumption. Patients are instructed to consume no more than 500 calories from food intake per day. Because the abnormal fat has been turned into energy, the reduced calorie intake is not noticed, and hunger is not a side effect. The new energy source is equal to 3,500 calories being consumed on a daily basis.

For the process to work, the individual must stay on a strict diet and remain under medical supervision. While about one pound of weight is lost per day, the weight loss does not always happen in an even manner.

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