How Does Shoe Freshener Work

How Does Shoe Freshener Work?

Are There Different Types of Shoe Fresheners?

Although there aren’t too many different shoe fresheners on the market today, there are two distinct types of shoe fresheners. Some shoe fresheners work by absorbing the foot odor and other work by masking it. Some products, of course, combine both methods to try to combat offensive foot odor from both angles.

How Do Absorbent Shoe Fresheners Work?

The process underlying absorbent shoe fresheners is relatively simple. Absorbent shoe fresheners are placed inside the shoe, usually in the form of an insole, and contain a highly absorbent material of some sort.

The material that is usually used in this application is activated charcoal. As foot odor emanates from the feet the activated charcoal absorbs the unpleasant odors much the way that a sponge absorbs water. Activated charcoal can absorb a great deal of odor and such shoe fresheners can be worn for months at a time and remain effective.

How Do Masking Shoe Fresheners Work?

Masking shoe fresheners work by releasing their own, more pleasant odor. The scent that is released by the shoe freshener is usually a pleasant smell, such as peppermint or cinnamon, and it is released in a strong concentration. The hope is that the scent of the masking shoe freshener will overpower the unpleasant foot odor. This process works much the same way that conventional room air fresheners do.

Which Type of Shoe Freshener is Most Effective?

Shoe fresheners that combine both methods, both absorbent and masking qualities, generally work best. But, if one was to pick a shoe freshener with only one active method it would probably be best to pick an absorbent shoe freshener. Not only do they last longer, but they also combat the foot odor at its source, instead of attempting to cover that unpleasant odor up with another, stronger scent.

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