How Does Bach Rescue Remedy Work

How Does Bach Rescue Remedy Work?

What is Rescue Remedy?

The Rescue Remedy formula combines five floral essences to soothe the anxious and stressed body. Rescue Remedy contains the following floral essences: Star of Bethlehem for shock, distress and recovering from disaster; clematis for depression/disinterest in life, unhappiness with present; impatiens for anxious, rash behavior; cherry plum for anxiety, fearfulness; rock rose for those about to abandon all hope.

Take Rescue Remedy

Dilute four drops of Rescue Remedy in an 8-ounce glass of water and drink. Alternately, a user can direct the four drops onto her tongue or place directly on the skin on the inside of her wrist or behind the ears. The Bach Centre states there is no difference in Rescue Remedy’s dosage or effect time if taken orally or through the skin rather than diluted.

How Rescue Remedy Works

Dr. Bach intended Rescue Remedy to work by “gently [restoring] balance between mind and body by casting out negative emotions,” according to Bach Flower. Thus, Rescue Remedy works to calm the emotional states of panic, fear and stress, rather than the physical manifestations of these emotions.

If you take more than the recommended dose of Rescue Remedy, nothing bad will happen. Rescue Remedy works much in the way aromatherapy or essential oils do, except instead of retaining the scent of the flower, Rescue Remedy retains the essence. The FAQ page on Bach Flower contains useful guides about other flower remedies developed by Dr. Bach, such as determine which remedy to take and combine remedies.

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Skeptics shrug off Rescue Remedy as a placebo, but many people find comfort and peace through Rescue Remedy; pet owners and shelter workers can attest to its affect on animals.