Homeopathy Treatment For Kidney Failure

Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine whose development was based on the theory that many physical disturbances can be treated through homeopathic tinctures. These tinctures contain substances that produce the same symptoms in healthy people as those being treated. Homeopaths say “let like treat like.” Homeopaths are the first to acknowledge that homeopathic treatments are not always effective. Homeopaths have, however, reported significant successes with homeopathic treatments for kidney failure.

Building a Picture of the Whole Patient

The diagnosis of a conventional physician is based on a defined set of common symptoms. The doctor then treats the illness or disorder without adjusting the treatment to other physical or emotional conditions present in the afflicted individual. A homeopath builds a picture of each patient and examines many different aspects of the patient’s makeup in addition to the symptoms. At that point, the homeopath prescribes treatment. Homeopaths believe that homeopathic treatments can be of value to individuals suffering from kidney failure because there are often other aspects to the patient’s renal condition that impact the malfunction of the kidneys and are not being taken into consideration by allopaths (conventional medical practitioners).

Treating the Whole Person Through Homeopathy

Homeopaths do not view the kidneys as only an organ of excretion but in relation to the individual as a whole. Homeopaths see the kidneys as connected to a deep emotional life, and their observations brought them to the conclusion that kidney failure is often an outgrowth of the patient’s fears and apprehensions. Homeopaths are the first to admit that they shy away from treatment of patients who have severe renal failure. When the patient reaches that severe stage of kidney failure, the options for homeopathic treatments as well as conventional medical treatments are limited.

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Balancing Different Aspects of the Individual

Homeopaths report significant success in treatment during early stages of kidney failure. They carefully take the patient’s history. This includes considering the patient’s medical history as well as his mental and emotional state, habits and family history before prescribing homeopathic tinctures to arrest and reverse the development of rental failure. These treatments are directed at balancing the patient’s physical state as well as balancing his emotional and mental state.

Evidence of Success

The most extensive successes of homeopathic treatments for kidney failure have been reported among disadvantaged populations where people don’t have the financial resources to pay for dialysis or kidney transplant. Patients in those areas are more likely to search out alternative treatments. There, homeopathic involvement for treating renal failure has been more extensive, and homeopaths have reported that their treatments have shown marked achievements in halting and even reversing the disease.

Alternatives for Successful Treatment

In addition to homeopathic remedies, homeopaths suggest that people suffering from kidney failure refrain from taking calcium supplements and drink only water. Homeopaths view homeopathy as a medical discipline whose treatments can be effective on its own or in conjunction with conventional medicine. Each individual must determine for herself how she wants to proceed when faced with researching alternatives for treating kidney failure.