Homeopathy Remedies For Children With Allergies

Homeopathy, a form of alternative medicine, operates on a theory of “like cures like.” It is similar to the vaccination process, in which doctors inject patients with a small amount of the substance that would cause a disease so that the body fights off the illness. Homeopathic practitioners introduce a diluted amount of a natural substance that would cause symptoms similar to those they want to cure. According to the Society of Homeopaths, you can safely use most homeopathic remedies to alleviate seasonal allergy symptoms in children.

Eye Irritation

Consult your doctor and a licensed homeopathic practitioner before giving your child any type of homeopathic medicines. While most offer safe relief without side-effects, it is important to ensure they are appropriate for your child. Allium cepa, an extract derived from the red onion, can help calm red, watery eyes accompanied by a clear runny nose. Since children’s seasonal allergies often worsen during pollen season, try to minimize their symptoms by keeping them indoors as much as possible on dry, windy days. Sulphur, a remedy based on the mineral with the same name, also offers relief for itchy, watery eyes in addition to alleviating a throbbing headache and a stuffy nose. Consider Euphrasia to help your child’s swollen, irritated eyes that hurt when exposed to light.

Nasal Congestion

Help ease your child’s runny nose and congestion using Kali bichromicum, which can be especially useful in relieving sinus pain. Arsenicum album can offer relief for a burning, runny nose and a wheezy cough. Your child might also complain of chills and exhibit anxiety. If your child’s nose alternates between being stuffed up and running constantly, Nux vomica might offer them some much-needed relief. In an asthmatic child with an irritated, mucous nose, many practitioners recommend the use of Solidago virgaurea. This remedy can also help with a nagging cough and sneezing fits. If your child exhibits any signs of a severe allergic attack such as difficulty breathing or swelling of the face or lips, seek emergency care for your child immediately.

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Headaches and Sinus Pressure

Utilize Antimonium tartaricum if your child experiences a tight feeling in his forehead, perhaps even accompanied by mild dizziness. Aching in the back of the head or neck as well as a flushed face might indicate a need for the Gelsemium remedy. If your child complains of a dry and itchy feeling inside the head and nose, offer Wyethia, which can help address severe itchiness as well as a runny nose. Consider using Sabadilla in a child who suffers from a runny nose as well as a headache that occurs when trying to concentrate on school work.