Homeopathy For Weakness In A Cat

Weak cats sleep more hours in a day than healthy cats.

A cat may experience weakness for many reasons. After a surgery or a traumatic accident, cats have a rehabilitation period where they can lack appetite and become weak. Obesity and poor diet can lead to lethargy and a weak feline. Many internal disorders can cause weakness. Homeopathy is administering an extremely diluted product to trigger the body’s natural healing system. If your cat displays signs of weakness from an unknown cause, take him to your vet for a diagnosis. As always, contact your vet before administering any medications, including herbal remedies.


Gastric juices containing the pepsin enzyme are in the contents of this homeopathy remedy. The Veterinary Materia Medica describes the process of making this tonic as thoroughly grinding the secretory layer of a fresh pig’s stomach, grinding the pig’s stomach with lactose (sugar of milk), or by using distilled water to make lower potencies of liquid extracts. Protein-digesting enzymes occur naturally in the stomach to digest protein-rich foods into smaller particles for easier digestion. Veterinary homeopathy uses this in the tonic form to help a cat digest his food properly. When foods are not fully digested, they remain in the intestinal tract for longer periods of time and a cat will have a smaller appetite.

Nux Vomica

This remedy is often useful in conjunction with Pepsinum in veterinary care of cats. Nux Vomica calms the stomach from gas, diarrhea and vomiting as well as calms the digestive tract for proper breakdown of foods. This herb also promotes and restores loss of appetite while it relieves stomach pain. Drugs.com, an online source for referencing drugs, shows that this product “Promotes digestive and gastrointestinal calm.” Cats may become weak if they have stomach pain and do not want to eat due to any of these conditions.

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Siberian Ginseng

Siberian ginseng is available in liquid, capsules, tablets and tea. Processing the roots of the plant makes a tonic, which has been in use in Eastern medicine for decades. Ginseng gives cats energy and helps them cope with mental and physical stress. Additional energy contributes to a better appetite and help in recovering from weakness. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, “The active ingredients in Siberian ginseng, called eleutherosides, are thought to stimulate the immune system.”


Amalaki is known by many names including Emblica and Indian gooseberry. This herb contains high levels of antioxidants to protect cells from free radicals and promote healing, according to Drugs.com. This results in high levels of vitamin C. Damaged cells from an accident, incisions from surgery and internal organs heal quicker with the addition of antioxidants to promote well-being and aid in an increased appetite.