Homeopathy For Bipolar Disorder In The Elderly

Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition that involves the fluctuations of extreme moods; you may experience depression or mania with bipolar disorder at anytime. The mood instability associated with bipolar disorder can affect children, adults and the elderly, and the condition can occur at anytime during life. Extreme moods can last for weeks or months and can involve mood swings and rapid cycling. Thankfully, homeopathic remedies for adults and the elderly can alleviate bipolar symptoms.

Combining Psychotherapy and Homeopathic Treatments

In “Homeopathy for Musculoskeletal Healing,” author Asa Hershoff asserts that bipolar disorder can benefit from homeopathic treatments when such treatments are appropriately combined with psychotherapy. While homeopathic remedies can treat the physical causes of bipolar disorder, psychotherapy can be used to address troublesome emotions and underlying emotional symptoms that might be contributing to extremes in depression or elation.


Asa Hershoff explains that homeopathic remedies come in different potencies including low, medium, and high potencies. Potencies are noted on the bottle of the remedy when it is purchased; homeopathic solutions are offered online by vendors as well as in health and/or herbal shops. Very low potency homeopathic remedies are sold with 3x and 6x potencies; low potency homeopathic remedies are offered in 12x, 6c, and 12c; medium potencies are offered with a potency of 30C, and high potencies are sold with a potency of 200c to 1M or more. Homeopathic remedies with a low potency are for short term treatments, while medium potencies are recommended for chronic, long term disorders. Higher potencies are intended for serious chronic, pathological diseases, but the smallest dosage should be sampled first before using higher potencies. If a homeopathic remedy seems ideal for a condition, but a low or medium potency offers no results, you can then change the dosage to a higher potency.

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Sepia is a homeopathic remedy commonly used for treating conditions that affect mental functioning and mind processes. Sepia is a helpful long-term remedy, and can be started at a dosage of Sepia 6x two times a day for a period of 7 to 10 days. If the bipolar symptoms are extreme, you can begin with a dosage of two to three pellets of Sepia 30c two times a day for 7 to 10 days to help re-balance your mental processes and cognitive functioning. Sepia should be dissolved underneath your tongue about 15 minutes before consuming a meal or drinking any beverages.


Gelsemium can be used by the elderly to treat bipolar symptoms of depression associated with anxiety or mania accompanied by an anxious mood. Gelsemium is a common homeopathic treatment for anxiety reduction and for performance anxiety. Take Gelsemium 30c by consuming two pillules every two hours for the first six doses, and then continue taking the remedy three to four times a day at a dosage of two pillules for each dose for a period of seven days to diminish anxiety. This treatment is also good for reducing apprehension and restlessness. Gelsemium can be toxic if taken in large doses, and overconsumption can result in respiratory failure. Two to 3 grams of Gelsemium in an adult is considered a lethal dosage.

Lilium Tigrinum

In “Prozac-Free: Homeopathic Alternatives to Conventional Drug Therapies” Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman asserts that Lilium tigrinum is an excellent treatment for bipolar disorder. Lilium tigrinum is used for treating anxiety, mental confusion, delirium and despair, and it can improve mental clarity. This treatment can be taken at a potency of 30c; you should take one pellet every two hours for the first six doses. Continue the remedy at a dosage of a single pellet per day for treatment of bipolar symptoms. Dissolve pellets under the tongue between meals.

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