Homeopathy Borax

Homeopathy Borax

Borax is a common homeopathic treatment used for everything from headaches to eczema. When considering homeopathic remedies, it is always advisable to seek a professional provider’s advice as minor symptoms are usually the sign of a more serious underlying problem.


Borax is used in treating patients whose bodies contain too much borate. Borate is a naturally occuring mineral found in water, fruits and vegetables.


Symptoms for an excessive amount of borate in the body include loss of voice, red nose, sensitivity to sudden noises and stomach or abdominal pain.


In small, homeopathic amounts borax is safe to use. Never use commercial borax or begin a borax regimen without consulting a homeopathic physician.


For most treatments, a pea-sized amount taken sublingually (under the tongue) is all that is necessary to produce the desired outcome.


Signs of overdosing include gastrointestinal irritation, salivation, vomiting, colic and skin eruptions.

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