Homeopathy Alopecia Treatment

Homeopathy is a safe, non-invasive, natural form of medicine that can be used on all ages. Alopecia simply means hair loss or baldness. Hair loss can be patchy, limited to the front and top of the head or it can involve the entire head. In some cases, hair loss is hereditary. In other cases, hair loss is the result of an illness, severe emotional or physical stress or hormonal changes.


The remedies used in homeopathy are all natural. They come from plants, animals, or minerals. You can get remedies that consist of a single ingredient or you can get remedies that are a combination of ingredients.

The principle of homeopathy is like cures like. You look to the symptoms your body is displaying and the causes of the hair loss to select an appropriate homeopathic remedy. Taking small doses of the homeopathic remedy simulates your body to heal itself.

Single Remedies

To know which remedy is right for you, look at the description of symptoms and causes associated with each remedy. If the description describes what you are experiencing, or have gone through, then that would be the remedy to use. Be aware, there is no standard remedy for hair loss.

These remedies are made up of a single ingredient. When a remedy is known by more than one name, or by a more common name, those names are also given.

Lycopodium (wolfsclaw, club moss, running pine, stag’s horn moss) is an appropriate remedy when hair loss is the result of pregnancy or premature balding.

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If your hair falls out easily, natrum muriaticum is the homeopathic remedy of choice. It is also known as natrum mur., sodium chloride or rock salt.

Phosphoricum acidum can be helpful for hair loss that is the result of an extremely stressful emotional occurrence, such a death or divorce. It is also appropriate if bald spots are dry and scaly. It is also known as phos. ac. or phosphoric acid.

Sabal, or saw palmetto, is known to block the formation of DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT is known to interfere with the health of hair follicles, which frequently leads to hair loss.

Selenium can be used when hair loss is the result of extreme anxiety or an illness.

Sepia or cuttlefish is a good remedy to use when hair loss is the result of hormonal changes such as menopause.

Silicea (silica, quartz, rock crystal, pure flint) is known to strengthen hair and can be used when hair loss is the result of hair breaking.

Thuja (arbor vitae, tree of life, white cedar) is used for thinning hair.

Combination Remedies

You can also purchase homeopathic remedies that have more than one ingredient and are made for a specific aliment. One company who produces these types of homeopathic remedies is the Heel Company. It produces blended homeopathic remedies that treat a specific aliment. For hair loss, they have a product called Hair & Skin which consists of several different individual homeopathic remedies.