Homeopathic Treatments For Liver Problems

Homeopathic Remedies

Our livers serve a vital function, helping remove toxins from our blood and helping us digest our food. When the liver does not function properly, bilirubin levels may rise in the bloodstream, resulting in jaundice. Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver, and can be caused by an injury to the liver from viruses or toxins. In cirrhosis, scarred tissue replaces healthy liver tissue. Liver problems may be chronic and quite serious, but there are some homeopathic treatments that may alleviate some of these problems.

Treating Jaundice

Bryonia is used for mild cases of jaundice which do not involve hepatitis. Mercurius is used to treat jaundice in children, especially if the child has trouble lying on his right side. Digitalis is used when jaundice results from cardiac issues. Nux vomica is used to treat jaundice complicated by cirrhosis of the liver; sulphur is often used after treatment with nux vomica. Phosphorus is used to treat jaundice resulting from fatty degeneration of the liver. Lycopodium is used to treat chronic liver conditions, including jaundice, hepatitis and cirrhosis.

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis can lead to severe liver damage if not treated properly, and you may need to take precautions to prevent infecting others. If you have Hepatitis A, your doctor and homeopathic practitioner can work together to care for you. A homeopath may choose one of the following remedies depending on the symptoms you show. Chelidonium is used when the liver is tender and enlarged, the pain extends from the liver back through the right shoulder blade, and the stools are clay-colored or bright yellow. China is used when there is a great deal of sweating, bitter belching which brings no relief, and the liver and spleen are both enlarged. Lycopodium is called for when eating or drinking even small amounts of food produce gas and bloating. Mercurius is used when the liver is enlarged, sensitive to even the slightest pressure, and stools are mucoid and greenish in color. Natrum sulphuricum is used when stools are watery and yellow, and there is been a history of heavy drug use. Phosphorus helps when the liver is large and hard and you crave cold, carbonated drinks.

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Choosing Homeopathic Treatments

The remedies listed above are individual remedies available in a variety of strengths or potencies. Follow dosage directions on the product you purchase; if specific instructions are not given, use three pellets of the 30C potency up to three times daily. An acute condition should show improvement after three doses; if it doesn’t, you may need a different remedy. Treatment for chronic conditions can take some time and is best handled by a trained homeopath.